Vision for the future

We live in the dawning of a new age in which amazing technologies now make it possible to imagine that the pipe organ and its more than seven centuries of dynamic literature can be shared and appreciated by people around the globe. New audiences and composers for the organ who do not come to an awareness of it through its noble and venerable roles in Western church contexts wait to be introduced to its exciting and alluring inspirations.

Much of what lies ahead for those of us who are committed to bringing the organ and its literature (past and future) to a diverse, inclusive, world audience consists of doing what we can every day to ensure that all segments of our local communities have easy access to the most inspired organs, music, and performances. Particularly important among the segments of our communities that are less-exposed to pipe organs are our youth and those with origins in non-Western cultures. In them we will find a significant portion of our future audiences and composers who are interested in writing new music for the instrument that will expand and enhance the canon of organ literature in new and essential ways. In them we must search for the cross-cultural and intergenerational fertilization that will be the future lifeblood of the traditional organ. The organ, with its endless breath and numerous combinations of colorful sounds, embodies the essence of what will become the most important aspects of life in the new millennium. A pipe organ's many unique and exotic voices are not only capable of beautiful solo melodies, but its real power and significance is found in its ability to blend, coalesce, and unite its individual voices into a cohesive whole that is more than the sum of its parts.

As humanity continues to strive to rid itself of prejudices, inequalities, insensitivities, and dissonance, so do the vibrations, waves of sound, and resonating frequencies of cooperating organ registers represent a global society dedicated to speaking with one, free, unified voice comprised of virtually infinite diversity. Please join me in supporting both the preservation of this unique musical tradition and its transformation into an essential element of all future generations. You can truly make this a reality through your goodwill, intentions, exploration of this website and my work, attendance and encouragement of events featuring the organ and - for those inspired and able to do so - your patronage of the field.