Organ audio

  Liszt, Prelude on B-A-C-H (St. Paul's Methodist, Houston)

  Liszt, Fugue on B-A-C-H

  George Whitfield Andrews Con grazia (Paderborn Cathedral, Germany)

  Charles-Marie Widor Salvum fac populum tuum (Rice University) (with the Shepherd School Brass, conducted by Marie Speziale)

  J. S. Bach Prelude in B-minor, BWV 544 (Paderborn Cathedral, Germany)

  Brahms, op 122, no 9 (St. Paul's Methodist, Houston)

  Brahms, Op 122, no 10

  Denis Bédard - Dialogue from Suite du premier ton (Überwasserkirche, Muenster, Germany)

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Harpsichord audio

  Handel, Mi palpita il cor

  Handel, A-Minor Fugue