Interviews with Phillip

  • Art of the Organ

    How can the discipline and art of the organ influence the organist and the listener?

  • Approach to Teaching

    How do you describe your personal teaching style, and specifically, how do you approach teaching the organ?

  • Imperative for the Modern Organist

    What are the most important curricular imperatives for today's organ degree candidates?

  • Organ - Unique Aspects and Training

    Can you explain the unique aspects and training that you see necessary to be a person technically proficient and physically capable to play the organ?

  • The Future of the Organ

    What is your vision of where the organ can go in the future, and what new evolution of life can it bring in compliment to its very strong traditions and history?

  • Fulfillment via the Organ

    What are people seeking through music, and how can the organ fulfill this?